About Mikaela.


I was born a creative spirit and throughout my childhood I was encouraged to explore, play and express myself in a number of ways. I am very grateful for this.

However, early on in my career, I started to conform. I had the idea that in order to reach success, I should fit in and perform my very best at all times. Gradually, I showed less and less of my true self and instead developed a super-professional high-achiever alter-ego…

Fast forward a few years and my burn-out was a fact. For six long months I was more or less a vegetable. At one point, I couldn’t even pick up my kids from school.

This was a real wake-up call and a turning point in my life.

First of all, I started to take good care of myself. I introduced new behaviours and got rid of some that did not serve me. Today, I spend lots of time with my family, practice regular self-care and nurture my creativity.

Secondly, I decided to take my dreams seriously. I have now learned (the hard way!) that life is precious and that I want to use my time on this planet in a meaningful way. I want to make an impact on this world.

How? I decided to start a passion-led business. 

Today, I help women creatives tune in to their true calling. My clients come to me because they are tired of working 24/7 and not getting rewarded accordingly. They are overworked and struggling to find motivation in a corporate job. They are extremely creative and resourceful and ready to find new ways to grow – on their own terms.

You can too! 

I’ve been working in business development for 20+ years and I know how it’s done. I have started three different businesses in Sweden and in the UK and I love sharing everything I know and everything I learned. And one thing is for sure: if I can do it – so can you!

So join me today! Schedule a free consultancy call with me and we’ll go through how you can create FREEDOM, FLOW and FINANCIAL SUCCESS in your life!


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