It’s almost November and we’re in the last quarter of 2019!

I love this time of the year. Not only because it’s beautiful outside, with clear, crisp air and beautiful colors, but also because I get a sense of urgency and direction from knowing that this year is coming to an end.

Now is the time to ask yourself the most important question:

How am I spending my time and energy as this year is coming to an end?

Am I clear with my priorities every day?
Am I charging my worth?
Am I reaching my financial goals?
If not, don’t despair. A lot can happen in three months. I mean A LOT!

I know from experience that you can go from:

frustration to clarity
stress to focus
burnout to renewed energy
saying yes to everything that comes your way to having lazer focus on the actions that matter …all in a very short amount of time!

I want the same success for you that I’ve had, which is why I have designed a 10-week business coaching program where I will take you through the 10 action steps to success. All you need to make 2020 your best year ever!

The Blooming Business Boost will teach you how to package your knowledge, identify your ideal clients, and communicate your value. All while you stay true to your core values.

I want you to be able to embrace 2020 with open arms because you have clarity, a strategic plan and a thriving business, all without the burnout and stress!

I know you want that too! Enrollment for the January course will open soon! We have a limited number of seats, so get on the waiting list now!

Work with me

Miki xx