”This program was worth every penny! I have already recommended the course to several people because of the impact it’s had on my business; on how to be successful, how to get away from charging my clients by the hour etc. I now have a different perspective, a new mindset!  I’m taking action and amazing things are happening!”

Anna Jadvi

Designer / Animation Artist

”I have enjoyed throwing myself into every new module of this program. I have learned so much about myself and my business. I think you will too. For me, Blooming Business Boost has been an investment that has really produced results. For real. I can highly recommend Mikaela’s program if you want to get both yourself, your finances and your business to flourish!”

Catarina Breitfeld

Communication Expert / Motivational Speaker

Mikaela is one of the warmest and most inspiring persons that I know. Always full of new creative ideas. She has the spiritual power, intelligence and sincere kindness that a person needs to get things done and make wonderful things happen.

Jocelyn de Kwant Klassen

Author / Journalist

”Mikaela helped me refocus my offer when I was at an important cross-point early on in the process of building my business. Thanks to her insights, and inspiration, I dared to take a big leap – which has proved both rewarding and successful.”

Eva Mantsinen

Award winning chocolatier and business owner, Omnomnom

”Mikaela has a rare combination of skills, covering both thorough analysis and imaginative insight, allowing her to provide real value-add in the strategic process. She was a key member of the senior management team, highly respected for her input and opinions.”

Alex Ogilvie

MTV Northern Europe

”Out of the by now many hundreds of people I have worked closely with on business transformation, there is a handful that truly stands out in terms of their competency. Mikaela is definitely one of them. We worked on defining the product and brand proposition for new TV-channels and internet ventures in several markets, and thereafter launching them. Mikaela distilled what really matters. She implemented a new approach to stakeholder interviews in several markets. She made the complex simple and clear.”

Eric Kearley

Chief Digital Transformation Officer