”I have enjoyed throwing myself into every new module of the program and learned so much about myself and my business. For me, Blooming Business Boost has been an investment that has produced results. For real.

I can highly recommend Mikaela’s program to those of you who long to get yourself, your finances and your business to flourish.

Mikaela Dyhlén is the perfect guide to get you there. She is a goldmine of experience, knowledge and wisdom.”

Catarina Breitfeld

Motivational Speaker / Communication expert

Mikaela is one of the warmest and most inspiring persons that I know. Always full of new creative ideas. She has the spiritual power, intelligence and sincere kindness that a person needs to get things done and make wonderful things happen.

Jocelyn de Kwant Klassen

Author / Journalist

”Mikaela has a rare combination of skills, covering both thorough analysis and imaginative insight, allowing her to provide real value-add in the strategic process. She was a key member of the senior management team, highly respected for her input and opinions.”

Alex Ogilvie

MTV Northern Europe

”Out of the by now many hundreds of people I have worked closely with on business transformation, there is a handful that truly stands out in terms of their competency. Mikaela is definitely one of them. We worked on defining the product and brand proposition for new TV-channels and internet ventures in several markets, and thereafter launching them. Mikaela distilled what really matters. She implemented a new approach to stakeholder interviews in several markets. She made the complex simple and clear.”

Eric Kearley

Chief Digital Transformation Officer