Join our 10 week Blooming Business Boost


The Blooming Business BOOST is an online coaching program for women entrepreneurs who want to lay the foundation of a sustainable (no burnouts!) and profitable (selling value, not hours!) business. The name of the game here is sustainable growth.

I will take you through my Blooming Business Framework and in just 10 weeks, you will create a business strategy that is truly based around you, your vision and your unique skills:

Freedom to work on your own terms

Flow of energy and creativity

Financial stability

This mastermind* program is designed to teach you the nine actions you have to take, in order to see sustainable growth in your business. Not only will you learn the nine actions, you’ll implement them in your business as you learn them. Action, commitment and daring to step out of your comfort-zone is one of the fundamental principles when we’ll work together


Each week I’ll take you through a theme from the Sustainable Growth Framework. It includes:

Weekly Group Lessons with Mikaela Dyhlén and hand-picked coaches

Weekly Assignments to get you into action and to start implementing the new insights into your business.

Weekly Interactive Masterminds to report
progress, get feedback and exchange experiences with the other participants.

*A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.


This program will teach you how to package your knowledge, identify your ideal clients, and communicate your value.

The result is a working business strategy ​including an attention-grabbing brand that is unique to you. You will also have the basics of an online offer based on your key skills. And a plan of action of how to bring it to market. Most importantly, you will know what you need in order to thrive, develop and perform at your very best.


Week 1: Welcome & Kick-Off
Week 2: Clarify Your Vision
Week 3: Own Your Space
Week 4: Bank Your Knowledge
Week 5: Work Your Values
Week 6: Build Your Brand
Week 7: Increase Your Capacity
Week 8: Make Self-Care Your Biz
Week 9: Let the World Know​
Week 10: Find Your Flow

This business coaching program unlike anything else on the market. It’s built on my unique knowledge, experience and passion. Join us now!