Join our 10 week Blooming Business SUCCESS COURSE


BLOOMING BUSINESS SUCCESS is an online course for creative entrepreneurs who want to lay the foundation of a sustainable (no burnouts!) and profitable business – BEFORE they launch it. 

I will take you through my roadmap to success, the Blooming Business Framework. In just 10 weeks, you will create a business strategy that is truly based around your vision and your unique skills.

This online program is designed to turn your skills and knowledge into a smart business model.  Not only will you take action on your dreams, you will gradually build your brand and an irresistible offer targeted towards your ideal clients. You will also build your sales funnel and plan your marketing activities.

Action, commitment and courage are the fundamental principles when we’ll work together to transform your dream into a profitable business.


Every week of the program, I will take you through a new step of the roadmap to getting your business from dream to reality: 

Weekly Video Tutorials with Mikaela Dyhlén

Weekly Assignments to get you into action and to start implementing the new insights into your business. Including worksheets and resources to help you apply what you learn directly to your business

Bi-weekly Group Coaching sessions with Mikaela to report
progress, get feedback and exchange experiences with the other participants.


After the 10 weeks, when you have completed every step of the roadmap, you will have a business ready for launch. You will also have a clear plan of action for the next six month after launch. Meaning, you will know exactly what to do and when – in order to get real results!

”This program was worth every penny! I have already recommended the course to several people because of the impact it’s had on my business; on how to be successful, how to get away from charging my clients by the hour etc. I now have a different perspective, a new mindset! I’m taking action and amazing things are happening!” Anna Jadvi, designer / founder Anna’s Motion Club

business success workshop


)1. Clarify Your Vision: You will become clear on your own vision, your dream and what impact you want to make in this world.

2. Own Your Space: You will grow your confidence and start to cultivate your mindset as a business owner.

3. Work Your Values: You will dig into your values and learn how they can help you make decisions. You will start to narrow down your ideal client and why they will buy from you.

 4. Bank Your Knowledge: You will list and evaluate your key assets and your intellectual property. I will go through the secret of how you should package your brilliance into an offer that is easy to understand – and buy.

5. Unravel Your Brand: You will write your business story and explore how your uniqueness translates into a strong brand. 

7. Increase Your Capacity: You will explore your capacity (time) and capability (strengths) and how to scale your business by taking your business online.

8. Create Your Cash-Cow: You will design your offer so that it’s easy to buy and fit the needs of your ideal clients.

9. Find Your Flow: Based on your new offer you will price it, do the math (budget) as well as set goals for success.

10. Map Your Success: Time to launch! Fine-tune, test and plan the next six months in detail! 



  • You’re an experienced professional ready to launch your own business
  • You primarily want to establish, a serviced-based business (as a coach, consultant, designer, specialist etc)
  • You don’t know the steps necessary to go from a dream to a reality
  • You are willing to do the work
  • You want to make an impact with your business and create work that matters
  • You want the freedom to work when and where you want
  • You want to have financial success while doing what you love
  • You want to package your knowledge and skills in a smart way
  • You are unsure about how to position or price your services
  • You are willing to challenge your assumptions and explore new ways of doing things
  • You recognise you need to invest in yourself and your business in order to get results

”Blooming Business Success is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to your business. By working with yourself, your visions and values ​​and at the same time learning about sales and marketing – you get all the pieces you need to reach your specific goals. Mikaela is the perfect guide to get you there. She is a goldmine of experience, knowledge and wisdom.” Catharina Breitfeld, founder Breitfeld Communication